3 Lamborghinis, 9 drivers, 1 goal: championship points! Emil Frey Racing is ready to hit the first race weekend in Monza.

  • Intense preparation phase completed
  • First race with EFR for drivers Ineichen, Aitken, Lappalainen and Rougier
  • Autodromo Nazionale di Monza: first out of five endurance races

Safenwil (Switzerland), April 13th 2021

Pre-Season tests / preparations
Emil Frey Racing just concluded an intense but valuable preparation phase. A number of pre-season tests were conducted at various locations, such as Spa, Monza, Valencia and Le Castellet, which all resulted in rich data for both drivers and engineers, who analyzed the data with great care and in great detail. The ever-changing travel restrictions were a big challenge in planning the trips. The new drivers got used to the new environment quickly and got comfortable in the new cars right away. The team was able to find its groove just as fast and formed a well-coordinated unit that is excited to enter the highly competitive Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe, this time with a total of three Lamborghinis, which is a first for the team.

First Race Weekend in Monza (IT)
Emil Frey Racing is facing the first out of ten race weekends. This year’s season opener of the GT World Challenge Europe will take place in Monza (IT) on the 17th and 18th of April 2021. Despite strict safety measures, the Emil Frey Racing team is more than ready to enter the endurance race with three Lamborghinis. The track in Monza stretches over 5,793 km and comprises a total of 11 turns. The long straights especially, make it a circuit for high speed, which requires a compromise between maximum aerodynamic downforce and solid top speed in the setup. Having prepared with great care, the Emil Frey Racing team is hoping for a successful race weekend. Another first: the virtual part of motorsports which will be hosted by Fanatec Esports GT Series. You’ll be able to catch the race in real time via Youtube-Livestream this coming Sunday!

Sponsors & Guests
The Emil Frey Racing Team would like to thank all its sponsors for their yearlong trust and loyalty. It is not without challenges and not taken for granted that corporations and sponsorships still happen during these unprecedented times – something the team is well aware of. That is why it greatly appreciates and values the friendly relationships. Emil Frey Racing sincerely hopes that the global situation will improve soon, so that it will be possible to meet one another at the racetrack.

Team quotes

Lorenz Frey-Hilti, Team Principal
We’re concluding a highly intense test phase that allowed us to try many new things, which resulted in even more new learnings. That’s why I’m confident about the season opener in Monza and hope that everything will pay off. I have fond memories of the circuit in Monza and am really looking forward to the first endurance race of the season.

Jürg Flach, Technical Director
Monza is always a highlight. On one hand, Monza is full of tradition and a very popular highspeed track, on the other hand, it’s a litmus test for all the work we did during the winter prep phase. After the season in 2018, it’s the first time once again, that we’re going to enter the race with three cars – this time though, with three Lamborghinis. It’s going to be a big challenge to enter the race with a new constellation, but we’ll pick up where we left off and try to continue on the same trajectory as last year, where we delivered solid performances.

Driver quotes Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO #14

Ricardo Feller (CH)
I’m super thrilled to hit the first race after a long winter break. We have amazing test days behind us, some of them even took place in Monza. That’s why I’m confident about how our team is set up. I’m super looking forward and hope that the weather is going to be on our side.

Alex Fontana (CH)
I’m really looking forward to the first race in Monza. I live in Lugano (CH) and therefore Monza, which is only an hour away, feels like a home track for me. The last time I was in Monza was back in 2018, together with Emil Frey Racing. Last year’s Italian destination for me was Imola, and in 2019, I was in China and not racing in Europe. I hope that we can be as successful and make amazing memories once again, just as we did in Monza in 2018. It would be a great start into the season.

Rolf Ineichen (CH)
I really like the circuit in Monza. Especially the long straights will be very interesting in terms of how we’ll fare with regards to speed compared to our competitors. It’s going to be my first race weekend with Team Emil Frey Racing, which is why I’m all the more bent on delivering a solid performance.

Driver Statements Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO #114

Jack Aitken (GB)
I am so excited to kick off this season of the GT World Challenge in Monza. We have prepared well as a team, and even though I’m lacking some experience, I’m confident the weekend will be a great opportunity to learn in itself. If we can get a good result along the way, that would be fantastic.

Konsta Lappalainen (FIN)
I’m looking forward to the first race of the season in Monza. I’ve always liked that circuit and it has always produced great displays of racing. We have done quite some testing there as well, so we’re ready for it.

Arthur Rougier (FR)
I’m really looking forward to the first round of the championship in Monza. I think that staying out of trouble will be our main focus, as Monza is known to be a track where a lot of things can happen. We gathered a lot of information during the pre-season tests, which are all really promising. Let’s give the maximum and see what we’ve got!

Driver quotes Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO #163

Albert Costa (ESP)
I‘m super excited to go back to racing! The first race of the year is always something special, especially if it’s happening in Monza: the temple of speed. I’m excited to see where we stand in terms of speed compared to the others. I think we all did a great pre-seasonal job – my teammates, myself and the whole team. Now I’m ready to fight, to race and of course to enjoy!

Norbert Siedler (AT)
I’m really looking forward to the season kick off in Monza. After an extensive test phase, we’re now all well-prepared and are going to give our best to fight at the very top. Many thanks to the whole team, that did a formidable job preparing. We tested a number of different setups and collected valuable data. I’m excited about a great season!

Giacomo Altoè (IT)
I’m so excited about our first race of the season. We did some testing in Monza recently and we collected loads of interesting data for the race weekend, so I’m really looking forward to work with the team and teammates to achieve our goals!