Emil Frey Eacing awaits the season highlight in Spa-Francorchamps

  • 56 GT3 cars from 11 different manufacturers are expected
  • First time for event to take place in autumn adds extra challenge
  • Optimistic because of learnings from past testing days in Spa

Safenwil (Switzerland), October 19th 2020

Emil Frey Racing has been preparing extensively for the upcoming 24h-race in Spa. The team was able to collect and analyze a handful of valuable insights and learnings during the official testing days in Spa late last September. The upcoming race is considered the most important race of the season, not just for Emil Frey Racing alone, but for the whole «GT World Challenge Europe» series. Fans all around the world will be watching the race live.
Because of the recent results and general upward trajectory of the past race weekends, Emil Frey Racing is hopeful about achieving good results in Spa. No other race has as many points up for grabs as the 24h-race in Spa, making it the most crucial for the overall championship.
The world-famous circuit in Spa-Francorchamps is merciless and calls for impeccable cars that can withstand any weather condition without losing stability. This year, the month of October, with its ever-changing weather conditions, will add an extra challenge. The circuit requires a lot of mechanical grip, especially for parts of track with a lot of turns.

Overview 24h-race in Spa:

Despite the fact that race will be taking place without fans at the circuit, it can be streamed live at home via Youtube-Livestream.

Team statements

Lorenz Frey-Hilti, Team Principal
The circuit in Spa-Francorchamps is one of my absolute favorites. When I was still actively racing as a driver, I was given the opportunity to participate at the 24h-race several times myself. We were able to continuously improve on our performance during the past race weekends. Because of this and because of our known-how and the two Lamborghinis, I’m optimistic about achieving good results in Spa.

Jürg Flach, Technical Director
Since returning from Barcelona, we’ve been preparing non-stop for the highlight of the season: the 24h-race. The cars are getting a complete overhaul with new components to ensure absolute perfection – nothing will be left to chance. This, together with a great performance and a sound strategy, is key to winning. We were able to gather a lot of information and gain insights and learnings with our Jaguar and Lexus during the past few years and are therefore traveling to Spa with high expectations. It’s our goal to continue our successful streak and to finish the race on top.

Driver statements Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO #163

Albert Costa Balboa (ESP)
Motivation is at it’s highest for the biggest race of the year! This race means a lot to me, which is why I’m working hard. Spa-Francorchamps is my favorite circuit. I’m going to savor it. Now it’s all about finding the right setup. Of course, the crazy weather also means that we need a big portion of luck as well, but we still need to prepare for all conditions. We’ve been having a string of successful race weekends, which is why I want to continue our streak. I know I have the team, the car and the colleagues that are needed to achieve top results. I almost can’t wait to get to Spa.

Giacomo Altoè (ITA)
The 24h-race in Spa is the biggest race of the year! It’s going to be a long and intense week. That’s why we have to stay focused and can’t afford mistakes. The weather is going to be tricky. I’m hoping for good BOP (Balance of Performance). I’m sure that we’ll deliver, together with the whole team, as we’ve been improving constantly the past few race weekends. I’m really stoked about this race.

Franck Perera (FR)
I’m looking forward to be able to experience the mega event in Spa with the Emil Frey Racing team. All over the world it’s considered a privilege to take part in the 24h-race in Spa-Francorchamps. The team has evolved tremendously this season. It’s shown how competitive it is under the hardest set of circumstances. That’s what will drive me this weekend. We have all the ingredients that we need – team, driver and car – to achieve amazing things. Unfortunately, the event will be without fans – which isn’t unusual this year. Still, I’m looking forward to hit the pavement with the team.

Driver statements Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO #14

Norbert Siedler (AT)
I’m so looking forward to be starting in Spa soon! The last races have shown that we’re in excellent shape. We’re all top motivated and we’ll go the extra mile to compete at the very top. I’m very happy to be back and hope that the weather will behave at the end of October.

Ricardo Feller (CH)
After our successful race weekend in Barcelona, I’m now very much looking forward to Spa-Francorchamps. We’re well prepared and we’ll continue to improve the setup. This is especially important because of the long runs and the unpredictable weather.

Mikaël Grenier (CAN)
Naturally, I’m looking forward to the longest race of the year! Yes, it’s a big challenge, but I believe we’re ready. Our last 24h-race was two years ago. The weather will be a big question mark for all of us and play an important role. We have to prepare for everything and anything, but I’m confident – thanks to the whole squad and my colleagues.