Emil Frey Racing grabs two victories and second place in Zandvoort

  • – #14 secures pole position in first qualifying
  • – Feller and Fontana take victory in first race in the Overall and the Silver category
  • – Moderate second Qualy results: P4 for #163, P7 for #114 and P16 for #14
  • – Points for all crews after second race: P1 for #163, P2 for #14 and P4 for #114

Zandvoort (Netherlands), 20th of June 2021

Free Practice started early noon on Friday and with rain falling. For Aitken, Lappalainen and Fontana, the track in Zandvoort was a premiere. However, the track walk was the perfect opportunity to get to know the circuit. The #163 crew noticed steering problems and switched their power steering for safety reasons.

During Pre-Qualifying, Lappalainen at the wheel of the #114 Lamborghini had some difficulties breaking in the second sector. Meanwhile, Siedler and Costa warned the #163 crew of a few issues with the setup, which the crew worked on until the race. Emil Frey Racing finished the Pre-Qualifying with mixed feelings and on P11 with the #163, P15 with the #114 and P18 with the #14.

Qualifying 1
Feller (#14), Siedler (#163) and Lappalainen (#114) went in first, with dry weather conditions for the first Qualy. An Audi ended up in the gravel, which led to the Qualy being interrupted. Feller with the #14 delivered an incredibly fast lap, taking the pole position with an advantage of half a second. Siedler as well did an excellent job with the #163 and secured P4 on the starting grid for the first race, owing to a flawless last lap. Lappalainen raced his #114 all the way to P14.

Race 1
A 27-strong grid was ready to launch. The #26 Audi lost 3 positions due to a penalty, which worked to Lappalainen’s advantage, who could now start from P13. A Bentley starting in front of Siedler hit the brakes on the straight right before the start, which led to Siedler having to take his foot from the gas to avoid a crash – as a result, he missed the start. He fell all the way back to P14 from P4 but managed to slowly fight his way back. Lappalainen in the #114 let Siedler overtake him. At the pit entrance, the #90 Mercedes touched the #114 of Emil Frey Racing, which led to minor damage on the bumper. This crash led to a hectic pit stop by the drivers, which cost the crew valuable time. With half an hour to go, Costa churned out a lap that was a full second faster than that of his competitors. Only ten minutes later however, he touched the #66 Audi which led to a tire puncture. For the crew of the #163, this meant an early finish of the race. Aitken took the #114 across the finish line and concluded the first race in P15. Fontana at the wheel of the #14 kept his lead from start to finish and bagged victory in the overall ranking as well as the Silver Cup.

Qualifying 2
The second Qualy started out with unstable conditions on the track for Aitken (#144), Fontana (#14) and Costa (#163). Emil Frey Racing decided to have all three Lamborghinis start in wet tires, but switched to slicks soon after, as most parts of the track had dried up. Aitken lost one lap due to a penalty for ignoring track limits in Turn 3. Meanwhile, Costa struggled with understeering in his Lamborghini. Bad timing for Fontana: Conditions on track improved from round to round, as did his lap times. Meaning, for Fontana, Qualifying finished too early. The drivers finished Qualy on P4 #163, P7 #114 and P16 #14.

Race 2
Costa overtook right at the start, propelling him to P3. Fontana as well gave his very best from the get-go and gained several positions. The Emil Frey Racing drivers communicated over the radio that there was dirt on the track which made overtaking difficult. The #163 was scheduled to be the first Lamborghini to do a pitstop, followed by the #14 and the #114 being the last one. Siedler delivered solid times in the second sector, and Feller as well proved himself a fast contender in all three sectors. The #163-crew chose the right pitstop strategy, which placed Siedler safely in P2. Only 15 minutes were left on the clock. Siedler was in P1, Feller in P3, and Lappalainen in P4. With only a few minutes left to go, the Audi with Weerts at the wheel received a drive-through penalty, which could have been perfect luck and could have meant three places on the podium for Emil Frey Racing. Unfortunately, the advantage that the Audi had was too great and Weerts managed to defend his third place. Emil Frey Racing finished the race with all three Lamborghinis in the Top 4: the #163 in P1, the #14 in P2 and the #114 in P4. Emil Frey Racing gained valuable championship points thanks to amazing teamwork.