• The new Peugeot fleet comprises two PEUGEOT 508 SW GT Line BlueHDi and a PEUGEOT 5008 GT Line BlueHDi
  • Strong allies thanks to partnership between PSA and Emil Frey Group
  • Peugeot active in motorsports since the 1960s

Safenwil (Switzerland), July 22nd 2020
By welcoming the brands of the Groupe PSA Switzerland into the Emil Frey Group, the EF Group was able to strengthen trust while also strengthening their own brand. Placing value on Design and Technology as a fundamental building blocks of success, has been especially true for AP Automobile Switzerland AG (Peugeot Switzerland). These values are equally as important to and pursued each day by the Emil Frey Racing team. But the parallels go further than just shared values. Peugeot Switzerland also has a proud motorsports history, which will be subject of this press release at a later point.

Only nine months after welcoming the EF-Group, it is with great pride that we announce the mobility partnership with Peugeot. From the get-go, the similarities and shared values were obvious and are now forming the foundation of this great partnership. The two new station wagons NEW PEUGEOT 508 SW stand out thanks to their excellent road holding and smooth driving experience – a result of the adaptive chassis control system. Their highly efficient BlueHDi-diesel motors meet the emission standard Euro 6d-TEMP and offer sensational driving pleasure thanks to the 8-speed automatic gearbox. The PEUGEOT 5008 is just as impressive. As a large 7-seater family station wagon, it comes with a crash-optimized chassis and a great many safety features as standard: six airbags, ABS, ESP, automatic emergency braking assistance as well as an active lane departure warning system.

In the 1960s, Peugeot competed successfully at the Rallyes. In 1985 and 1986 Peugeot even won a Rallye-Championship. In 1992 and 1993, Peugeot claimed victory at the famous 24-hour race in Les Mans Рan important milestone in the history of motorsports for Peugeot. But there’s more: In 2009, they bagged a double-win and left their tough competition and numerous other manufacturers behind.

Mobility plays an important role in a race team such as that of Emil Frey Racing, because, whenever possible, the team travels to their race destinations by car. Factors such as space, comfort and reliability are of utmost importance and the ultimate deciding factors in choosing the right cars. The three chosen Peugeot-Models tick all the boxes. Furthermore, they are packaged into modern, sleek design. To establish high visibility and recall in Europe, all three cars have been dressed in tasteful and timeless Emil Frey corporate branding.

Two of the three vehicles were turned over in the official Peugeot garage at the Emil Frey AG in Moosseedorf. The handover of the third car will take place mid-August.

The Emil Frey Racing team is looking forward to travel through countless European countries and to, of course, regurarly and diligently perform expert car maintenance to live up to its role as car experts.