• A total of 17 championship points so far for Emil Frey Racing
  • Ricardo Feller and Franck Perera to complete the teams
  • Two turns per driver with an hour of race time per turn

Safenwil (Switzerland), September 1st 2020

On to the second endurance race of the season
The EFR team is ready for the six-hour long endurance race at Nürburgring after a short summer break. This marks the third overall race and the second endurance race of the GT WORLD CHALLENGE EUROPE season. The team thoroughly checked and serviced both cars after returning from Misano and is set for the upcoming race.
The Grand-Prix-Circuit at Nürburgring stretches over 5.148km and comprises of seven left- and ten right turns, with a spectacular view on one of the arguably most famous race tracks of the world: the Nordschleife. The generous run-off areas and gravel beds shape today’s track, which officially opened its gates and was hailed as the «the new Grand-Prix-Track» at Nürburgring on the 12th of May in 1984, making it a modern and safe track for world-class motorsport events.

A total of 48 cars from 10 different manufactures will start on the grid on the weekend of the 4th until the 6th of September 2020, and face off at the six-hour long race.
The six drivers from Emil Frey Racing will each get two shots at getting the most out of their Lamborghinis, each turn lasting an hour driving time. This race weekend is all about getting valuable points to secure solid positions and to stay in the Top 10.

The team from Safenwil will be following the schedule below (CET-Time):

Though the race weekend will be taking place without spectators, you can once again root for your team from the comforts of your home, via Youtube-Livestream.

Team statements
Lorenz Frey-Hilti (Team Principal)
We as a team, as well as the two Lamborghinis, will be put under a lot of pressure at this coming race weekend. Furthermore, one is also well-advised not to underestimate the weather of the region, which infamously and unpredictably changes from one second to the next. The training sessions on Thursday give us the chance to prepare with great care. We are highly motivated and ready for anything that may come our way. We are approaching this race weekend with high hopes of scoring important points.

Jürg Flach (Technical Director)
We collected great memories at the GP Circuit of Nürburgring. As was the case in Misano and Imola, we have the chance to prepare for the coming race weekend with additional test sessions. It’s paramount that we carefully fit the car for medium- to low speed parts of the track, such as the Mercedes Arena and the Dunlop Corner, to avoid oversteering under maximum pressure at the corner exit, with a solid mechanical grip on the front axle, excellent steering and a stable rear. We spent our time after Misano preparing as best as we could for the endurance race. Despite it being a premiere – the combination of Lamborghini, Pirelli and this racetrack – we will do our very best to stay competitive from the get-go.

Driver Statements Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO #163
Albert Costa Balboa (ESP)
I am looking forward as always. The last time I was at Nürburgring with Emil Frey Racing, we finished P2 in the Qualifying and started from the first row. Good memories! I was also at Nürburgring two weeks ago for de ADAC GT Masters where I landed my first podium this year. That’s why I’m really looking forward to this weekend. I like the track at Nürburgring and in my opinion it’s a great fit for our Lamborghini. Although my last race was just two weeks ago, I already miss racing! That’s why I’m very happy about the upcoming one. I am leaving from a podium position and am ready to fight for another one!

Giacomo Altoè (IT)
I’m really looking forward to our next race at Nürburgring. As it will be a six-hour race, it will be really important to find the right setup for the race pace. I’m positive that because we will all work together toward the same direction, that we will achieve our set goals!

Franck Perera (FR)
For me it’s the second run in the endurance series with EFR and I’m really looking forward to it. I think, based on our performance shown at the first race in Imola, we have all the ingredients we need to achieve a good end result and we’ve proven at the ADAC GT Masters race that it is more than just possible to deliver a good performance with the Lamborghini. This motivates me a lot and we’re all doing our best, together as a team, to achieve great results.

Driver Statements Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO #14
Norbert Siedler (AT)
I’m thrilled that the next stage is finally around the corner. Unfortunately, we’ve gotten used to long breaks this season, but the months of September and October are going to be very interesting as we are going to spend a lot of time in our cars. I’m very familiar with Nürburgring and I believe that the odds of scoring points are on our side. We were really close to bagging Top Ranks in Imola! I think it’s great that we can already do test sessions on Thursday to prepare for the race. We will give it our all and I’m looking forward!

Mikaël Grenier (CAN)
I’m looking forward to go back to the circuit of Nürburgring as my last time there was in 2017, at the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Series. It is great to be back in Endurance mode after a sprint race weekend, and to do our first six-hour race of the year. To be able to fight at the front, it’s of utmost importance that we have solid test sessions and to improve on what we have learned during the first two race weekends.

Ricardo Feller (CH)
Since for the EFR team I‘m soley racing endurance races, I’ve felt that the summer break was rather long, which is why I’m all the more looking forward to the race at Nürburgring. Nevertheless, I did have the chance to hit the Nürburgring at the ADAC GT Masters Series in the meantime and am well-prepared. Still, I’m looking forward to the challenge and the race. Of course, I’m hoping that the circuit will agree with me and that we’ll get a good BOP, to compete right in front.