Third Place Overall and Silver Cup titles in the drivers’ as well as teams’ ranking

  • – Starting positions P8 (#114), P14 (#163) and P15 (#14) for the three-hour race
  • – Race results: P6 (#114), P8 (#163) and P20 (#14)
  • – Third Place Overall at the GTWCHEU 2021
  • – #14 Lamborghini takes home Silver Cup drivers’ and teams’ title

Barcelona (Spain), October 10th 2021

For Emil Frey Racing, it was the tenth and therefore the season’s last time to head to a race weekend. Much was at stake for the team in Barcelona: the chance at a title in the drivers’ and the teams’ Silver Cup ranking, as well as defending the teams’ third place Overall. Emil Frey Racing started the weekend in good spirits.

Several setup options were tested during Free Practice on Saturday morning. The drivers of all three Lamborghinis delivered solid performances and were able to give the engineers constructive feedback. The team finished Free Practice in P5 #114, P6 #163 and P12 #14.

The engineers took Pre-Qualifying as yet another chance to use the drivers’ feedback to do adjustments on the setup. The all too well-known track limits were once again an issue for this session. Additionally, a lot of dirt accumulated on the track, which affected grip enormously.

Qualifying on Sunday morning started out with slightly wet conditions on the track, that, however, dried up fast. During the first phase, the big challenge for Siedler #163, Lappalainen #114 and Fontana #14 was to get the cold brakes’ temperatures up as fast as possible. It was challenging to find a clean lap with 46 cars sharing the track, while putting the tires in the performance window. Starting positions for the three-hour race were: P8 #114, P14 #163 and P15 #14.

46 cars were getting ready on the grid for the three-hour race in Barcelona. Ineichen #14, Siedler #163 and Lappalainen #114 took on the first stint of the three-hour race. Ineichen’s start with the #14 Lamborghini was turbulent. He was forced onto the gravel by the #90 Mercedes, which didn’t just cost him valuable time, but also resulted in a tire puncture in the left rear. After the tire change, the chase was on. Lappalainen #114 and Siedler #163 defended their places and were able to turn over their Lamborghinis in solid positions.

Rougier #114, Altoè #163 and Fontana #14 took over to do the middle stint. Fontana continued the chase in the #14 and was able to gain several positions. The fighting spirit of all three pilots was felt by the whole team. Altoè (#163) and Rougier (#114) delivered sensational lap times. The #114 was able to gain two positions thanks to a successful pitstop, which meant that Aitken could start the last stint in P5. Costa (#163) and Feller (#14) were able to fight their way up as well and made up several positions, while also being the fastest drivers on track throughout a number of rounds. The Emil Frey Racing Lamborghinis finished the last race of the season on P6 #114, P8 #163 and P20 #14, and even bagged the drivers’ as well as the teams’ Silver Cup titles with the #14 Lamborghini.

Team Voice

Lorenz Frey-Hilti, Team Principal
We reached our goals for the last race weekend of 2021. We defended our third place Overall and were able to bring home the Silver Cup title with three Swiss drivers. We weren’t happy with our performance after the trainings, but the team kept improving and was able to deliver. I’m looking back at a season with a lot of highs and lows. I would like to thank the whole team and all the drivers for their tireless work and the great collaboration with Lamborghini Squadra Corse.