Three Top Ten positions for Emil Frey Racing at Nürburgring

  • – Rougier wins Esports-Championship title
  • – Race results P4 #163, P5 #114 and P8 #14
  • – #14 Lamborghini bags victory in the Silver Cup

Nürburgring (Germany), September 05th 2021

The Emil Frey Racing crew was greeted in the Eifel region by unusually warm temperatures that lasted throughout the whole weekend, so Nürburgring was at its most beautiful. The race weekend started for the team with two Test Sessions on Friday, followed by Free Practice on Saturday, during which all three cars struggled with the baseline setup that had to be adjusted accordingly. For Luca Ghiotto, the race weekend in the Emil Frey Racing Lamborghini was a first – and a big challenge, considering that he didn’t take part in any test days with the team, but went straight to the race instead.

Rougier, at the #114 wheel, delivered impressive lap times during the first half hour of the Pre-Qualifying, where he temporarily held the top position in a field consisting of 44 cars. Lappalainen, meanwhile, also confirmed the upward trend. The #163 crew as well wanted in on it: Costa, Siedler and Altoè gained several positions and secured a place in the Top Ten. The extensive adjustments to the setup were paying off. The drivers were happy with how the changes to the setup were developing and were confident about going into Qualifying.

Siedler #163, Lappalainen #114 and Fontana #14 were getting ready for the first out of three Qualifyings. Lappalainen felt very comfortable with his car balance and went into Qualifying feeling confident. Despite traffic in his fastest lap, he managed to pull off fantastic sector times. It was all about getting the tire pressure to the right level and hoping for laps with as little traffic as possible, which proved to be difficult in a field consisting of 44 cars. All Emil Frey Racing drivers did a fantastic job during Qualifying. Luca Ghiotto’s outstanding performance – fighting for top positions at his first qualifying – deserves a special nod. The combined qualifying results and starting positions for the three-hour race were: P5 #114, P6 #163 and P14 #14.

Ineichen #14, Siedler #163 and Lappalainen #114 took on the first stint of the three-hour race. Lappalainen went for a takeover right after the start. 20 minutes after the start, a Mercedes touched Ineichen in the #14, which caused him to spin for a short moment, but he managed to get back to racing right away. Other than that, the race was free from interruptions until the pit window opened. After the #114 was handed over to Ghiotto, the team wasn’t able to reach him on the radio. This caused a short stir. However, thanks to the smooth work by the crews of mechanics during pitstops, the chase could go on. With half of the race already in the books, the team was in positions P4 #114, P6 #163 and P18 #14. Emil Frey Racing fought the race against direct competitors and lapped cars, akin to a sprint race. With 1 hour and 20 minutes left on the clock, a Full Course Yellow was introduced. There was still a third and last stint to be taken on. Costa #163, Feller #14 and Rougier #114 took over the Emil Frey Racing Lamborghinis. Feller was in attack-mode, climbing several positions that were crucial for the Silver Cup victory. Costa at the #163 wheel also wanted to climb his way up from P7, which he managed to do. The last 20 minutes were marked by several crashes and the Full Course Yellow and Safety Car Phases that followed. The Emil Frey Racing Lamborghinis finished the race in P4 #163, P5 #114 and P8 #14 and bagged victory in the Silver Cup with the #14 Lamborghini.

Fanatec E-sports Championship
On Saturday evening, the Fanatec Arena at Nürburgring was all about the Esports Championship title. Arthur Rougier made history and took home the first ever title of the Fanatec Esports GT Pro Series – with a round to spare.