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As realistic as it gets

Our simulator is much more than just a simulator: you can’t get much closer to the real thing than this, and you can even drive round a circuit yourself. Our high-tech simulator offers the chance to drive either the GT or the Formula chassis. You can choose from the Jaguar, Lexus or Lamborghini GT3 models, or enjoy a simulated experience of the Formula 3 and Formula 4 vehicles. You sit on a moving platform controlled by six actuators, which simulate your chosen race track right down to the smallest detail – taking in every bump, bend and camber. This simulation experience is based on a whole load of mathematical theory, as well as a good deal of specialist expertise, which is why an experienced engineer will be on hand to coach you through each simulator session. So strap in now!

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This is how it works:

You can hire the simulator and race engineer support package for a half-day or full-day session, or for a shorter period upon request. Just get in touch with us and we will liaise with you and the race engineer to draw up a quote geared towards your particular requirements.
  • you can gain experience of driving on different tracks
  • you can improve your technique
  • you can learn how to deal with mental and physical strain more effectively
  • you can enhance your racing performance

With our Simu­lator ...


spherical screen


UHD projectors


seat belts



Which circuits are available for the Lamborghini GT3?

Which circuits are available for the Formula 3, Formula 3 Regional and Formula 4 series?

Can I use the simulator even though I’m an amateur?


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